Camera Resolution or Megapixel Checker

Step By Step Guide To Check Your Smartphone or Digital Camera Megapixel.

  1. Click any photo from your smartphone or any digital camera (DSLR or SLR).
  2. Now upload this photo by clicking on the Choose Files Button.
  3. Now you will see the real megapixel of your camera.
CodeRobo - Responsive iframe

This tool work well only when you click a photo from your camera and send or receive it via-

  1. Email Attachment.
  2. As a Document in Whatsapp.

Please note that this tool will not work : –

  1. if you send or receive your photo through any social networking site or any messaging app like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc.
  2. Please do not do any kind of editing (ie.crop, paint or resizing) in photo.